Welcome to Tim’s Book Reviews. My name is Tim. I like books of many different genres. Having done some writing, I appreciate the amount of effort it takes to write something, especially something the length of a novel. I also know that authors these days have to put a lot of time and effort into promoting their own books, so I started this website to help authors with book reviews.

I understand that everyone has different tastes, and it is for this reason that I try not to place a value judgment or rate books on a scale without giving any definition to the numbers. There are no stars or thumbs up here. I try to be honest and fair when reviewing books. I like to give my opinion of pros and cons of a book and leave it for the reader to decide whether or not you would enjoy it. Hopefully you will get enough information here to help you with that decision.

Here I also make some observations about the publishing industry from the point of view of a reader, consumer, and wannabe writer. In addition to these thoughts, I want to help spread my love for books through occasional book giveaways. Remember that book reviews also take time and I do this out of my free time (of which there isn’t much), so if you are planning on buying any of the books I review, please use the affiliate links at the bottom of each review. It will help pay for postage for more giveaways and things of that nature.

More than anything, reading should be enjoyable, so enjoy!


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